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So that the committee can effectively evaluate proposals, we must stipulate that incomplete proposals will not be considered. All fields in red are required.

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What is the ONE provocative question or statement that you intend to address in your session?

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Describe the benefits to be gained by participants in your session. Please indicate at least two (2) skills, ideas, procedures, etc. that attendees will take away from this presentation. You can list objectives as endings to the following sentence: "At the end of this session, participants will be able to..."
Outline how you plan to present your content. Best practice is to present a maximum of four key points in a forty-five minute presentation. It is also effective practice to follow a format of presenting content and then facilitating small group discussion and application—content/discuss, content/discuss…
Note: NACS reserves the right to edit for length, grammar, and clarity.

All sessions should engage the participants for a minimum of 15 minutes. Adults learn best when active in the learning experience. Effective practice is to follow a format of content/discuss, content/discuss. Q&A during or at the end of the session only isn't enough. Describe how you intend to engage participants in your session (list your discussion question(s) or other engagement details). ( /2,000 characters maximum)
It's vital that participants be able to adapt your content/ideas to their stores, and that you provide ideas and suggestions for scalability (e.g. if you are a small store…, if you are a community college store…). How will you support participant adaptation of your content? ( /2,000 characters maximum)

Please plan effectively. Room placement and other logistics will be determined based on your requests.

Note that standard room sets do not include laptops or internet connectivity.


Check all items you need for your program (You will have an opportunity to confirm this information if selected to present.)

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A wired lectern microphone will be provided for each session. If you would prefer that we provide some other microphone arrangement, please describe and we will contact you upon acceptance of your session to discuss your needs.


All meeting rooms will be set theater-style with a head table for two. If this configuration will not work for your session, please note necessary setup, and all attempts will be made to accommodate your needs.
If your session requires seating for more than 2 at the head table, please specify the number of chairs needed.

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All speakers on this session (for whom you entered an e-mail address) will recieve an e-mail outlining all the information that you have submited via this process. Agreement to Present By submitting this proposal, I agree that, if this proposal is selected, I—and any co-presenter(s)—will be available to make the presentation during the CAMEX 2019 educational program Feb. 22-26 in San Antonio, TX. Further, we agree to abide by the Speaker Guidelines for CAMEX presenters, understand that all session presenters must be registered for the conference, that all vendor presenters must strictly adhere to the Speaker Guidelines specifically prohibiting product or "line" presentations during educational programs.

Thank you, your proposal has been submitted.

Proposal review will begin in early July and you will be notified as to the status of your proposal (acceptance or decline) by the end of August.

If you have any questions throughout this process, please contact Julie Lorence, Manager of Learning Experiences, at 1 (440) 775-7777, or