Requested Topics

Requested Topics

Store Leadership and Strategy

  • Measuring performance and knowing key store numbers
  • Communicating what’s relevant to store stakeholders
  • Developing the talent pipeline / managing people
  • Obtaining and utilizing market research
  • Developing the new course materials manager
  • Understanding new licensing models and impact to store operation
  • Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

The Course Materials eXperience (CM-X)

  • Creating partnerships around copyright and creative commons
  • Analyzing sell-through / benchmarking
  • Creating campus course material partnerships
  • Understanding digital rights management
  • Creating successful inclusive access adoptions
  • Providing OER through the campus store
  • Implementing publisher strategies and new directions
  • Negotiating price for inclusive access
  • Keeping pace with trends / delivery modes / publisher activities

Marketing, Communications, and Promotions

  • Creating content for social media
  • Building campus relations to grow store business
  • Implementing promotions that work and deliver ROI
  • Identifying/Understanding trends relevant to your campus market
  • Responding to emerging student preferences
  • Calculating success of social media
  • Understanding store’s role in managing / activating institution’s brand

Merchandising and Buying

  • Crafting a tactical buying plan and managing assortment
  • Understanding product category trends
  • Delivering an exceptional customer experience for today’s diverse student population
  • Inspiring customers with creative displays and merchandising storytelling
  • Negotiating win-win product purchases

Technology Products and Retailing

  • Managing technology products categories / what to bring into your store
  • Increasing sales by cross-selling technology products
  • Evaluating new/best-selling products relevant to today’s student
  • Benchmarking technology product sales to deliver ROI
  • Partnering with IT to implement a service center